Legacy Core Scanning, LLC originated from the idea that cores are expensive to collect, ship and store. Much like well-logs, cores contain copious amounts of information about the geology surrounding a well-site, prospect, etc. Well-logs are stored and often used years later to explore new opportunities or revitalize old plays. Cores are challenging. Often the cores are stored haphazardly with little documentation. Even if a core is properly catalogued it may never be fully utilized for logistical reasons. This is a sad situation, indeed!

Hyperspectral imaging can easily and quickly ameliorate this problem and make the cores and their data available to present and future geologists and explorationists.

Often core logging is relegated to the least experienced geologists. This important (and expensive) data needs to be effectively and quickly made available to the experienced geologist. Hyperspectral core scanning records much more than a color image does. It records specific chemical properties not detectable in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Hyperspectral imagery records multi-dimensional data including important mineralogic and spatial information. The data can be quickly and easily conveyed to decision-makers now and saved for future exploration.

Legacy Core Scanning, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality hyperspectral imagery (HSI) data processing and software products. If you have a hyperspectral project, we can help you find the best source for data collection, perform ground truth, provide atmospheric correction, and deliver final map products.

If you want to analyze your HSI data, we have the Hyperspectral Mineral Detection (HMD)TM software package which produces ENVI-compatible data files. We can modify HMD to suit your individual exploration needs. Of course, we can come to your location and scan your thin-sections, well-cores, mine walls, or outcrop exposures, too.

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